Tokoname (Shuhou)


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“Tokoname bonsai pot by master ceramist Shuhou. Oval pot without enamelling but with a mixture of several clays that makes the pot depend on how the light can be seen in various shades from reddish, through brown to almost black. It also comes decorated with a detail of flower and branches in beige tones that give this pot a peculiarity typical of the master’s style. This pot came from Japan in a flower and fruit tree and due to the different colors that are appreciated in the clay can be used for this type of trees. If you want to get out of the conventional and give your bonsai a special touch, this is your pot. It is also worthy of a collector. A different piece. Exterior measurements: 24,8×20,5×5,5cm. Interior measures: 22,3×17,8x4cm