Cedrus atlantica


Atlas cedar
H 55
W 25

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The Atlas cedar is considered a variety or subspecies of the Lebanon cedar (Cedrus libani var. atlantica) from which it is not easily distinguished. It is a needle-shaped evergreen conifer. It can reach 40 m in height with a massive columnar trunk up to 2.5 m in diameter. The trunks of old trees usually fork into several large, erect branches. Their rough, scaly bark is dark gray in color. to blackish brown and is traversed by deep horizontal cracks that flake off in small chips. In young trees, the branches of the first order are ascending; They later grow to a much larger size horizontally, and eventually take on a wide, spreading arrangement, even with the largest branches reaching toward the ground, somewhat reminiscent of an umbrella. Trees that develop in dense native forests within their natural growth area maintain more pyramidal shapes. The most common style is the informal upright (Moyogi), although many others are adapted.