Chaenomeles speciosa (chojubai)


Japanese quince
H 24
W 15

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It is a deciduous shrub, which reaches a size of 2 m in height, with thorns. Twigs purple brown or blackish brown, cylindrical, glabrous, with lenticels in shades of brown; and purple-brown buds. Reniform or suborbicular stipules, rarely oval, 5-10 mm, herbaceous, glabrous, strongly serrated on the margin, the apex acute, with a 1 cm petiole, glabrescent; oval leaf blades 1.5-5 cm. Flowers early, 3-5-fasciculate on second-year twigs, 3-5 cm diam. Hypanthus campanulate, glabrous. Sepals erect, suborbicular, rarely ovate, 3-4 mm. Scarlet petals, rarely pink or white. The fragrant fruit, yellow or yellowish green, globose or ovoid, 4-6 cm in diameter. The most common form is Yose-ue (forest) and is widely used as a companion in compositions with other trees.