[title_box title="We aim to spread the art of bonsai by offering healthy quality trees at the right price."]

A growing segment of the European population is becoming passionate about caring for bonsai. Living with a tree gives us daily contact with nature, and allows us, within the reduced spaces that we tend to have, a means of artistic expression that adds to the three dimensions of sculpture a fourth one: time.

Importing high-end Japanese bonsai is a flourishing business in Europe but, like the alternative of collecting trees in nature, is outside the means of most.

Thirteen thousand trees in cultivation of one hundred and thirty different species allow us to deliver, throughout the year and with short delivery times, a wide assortment of trees of different maturity and shapes. The retailer may reduce its immobilized stock by receiving the ready-to-sell trees.

The company was born in 2013 with the goal of making the art of bonsai accessible to the European public, by giving the professional retailer access to healthy quality trees, at the right price.

The founder, Benjamin Palomo Sanz,has knowledge in the care and training of bonsais, and has experience in international business administration. Hatoen (Palomo´s garden) is a registered trademark for this family company.

We want to create a bonsai production business that is integrated in the local community, that is socially responsible by employing preferentially people at risk of social exclusion, and is financially and ecologically sustainable.

Benjamín Palomo

Benjamín Palomo Sanz


Passionate of bonsai, he has qualified in plant nursing and propagation, a chemical engineer from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, and MBA from London Business School. His previous professional experience has been in the energy sector in various countries in Europe, and both in North and South America.